31 May 2015

So you want that bespoke?

They often come in pairs. At first not quite knowing what to expect. There is a line of pebbledash cottages with the one they are looking for tucked round the corner, next to a thousand year old Saxon church. As they walk into the garden there is a heady mixture of excitement and nerves, past the house there is a weather boarded unassuming building surrounded by hollyhocks and vivid splashes of colour, they have found Anne’s studio, and she’s been expecting them. They are met as ever with her customary smile, full of humour and warmth, and they know they are going to be well looked after; that this is going to be an experience. After all it’s not every day you get married, nor for that matter talk to a designer about a totally bespoke outfit.

Anne Barclay is a designer with flair and vision who prides herself on producing individual beautiful bespoke outfits, and she’s not just limited to the Bride and mother of the bride, as she can accommodate any of the bridal party (most notably creating 11 individual bridesmaid outfits for one wedding).

“…people go to the spa and deservedly pamper themselves. It’s all about that special day. The clothes should reflect that same indulgence. It is another way of celebrating their uniqueness”

Anne graduated from Central St Martins with a First class honours degree in textile design, she need only run her fingers across the fabric to identify the fibre and construction technique. She knows it, it courses through her veins. Since a child she has been passionate about fashion and clothing. She would often be found staring at portraits in stately homes and galleries alike. Her love of historical costume resurfaced as a vehicle for her master’s degree and she loves referencing elegant lines and shapes with a contemporary twist. She is equally at home in cutting edge couture enjoying the challenge of innovation and trend.

“It’s a case of being a good listener. I listen to you, your dreams, and bring to them my expertise- after all everyone has their own idea of the perfect day”

The process is totally bespoke and starts, like most things with talking. Typically there is a design meeting where fabric choices, colours and trimmings are discussed, a toile is produced, then a fitting, production, and finally delivery/collection.  The process takes from 5-6 weeks. Everything can be customised and made that bit more special, even the fabric can be custom woven. Why not go that extra bit further too really make this the one day you will never forget.

Anne Barclay Bridal, established 2011, is proud to be part of the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign

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