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Kimono Sleeve Top With Antique Lace

Available in white or ivory only as antique stock is available.

Sizes S, M, & L.

Made from genuine high quality antique or vintage linens or silks, these tops bring something of a sophisticated edge to the collection.  Versatile for day to evening, wear with leggings, skinnies, and heels for impact.

 The lace pieces used are genuine antique or vintage, and vary in their design. Choice of piece and availability can be discussed prior to order.


Due to the nature of the materials used, there may be tiny hand stitched darns or hand stitched laundry markers. We take the view that these features are integral to the character of the fabrics and indeed enhance their fascination.

100% linen, or 100% Tsingtao silk.

Dry clean only.


  • £165.00